Episode 28: With Mom, aka Laurie (On Teaching, Single-Parenting, Maintaining Joy and Wonder, Divorce, Sorting Through Boxes, and Solitude)

Laurie loves Modern Art.

Topics we discuss:


“Find something in this child that you really like, and focus on that.”

0:05 Asking for Support

0:09 Mom’s Morning Routine

0:11 The End of a Dedicated 35-Year Teaching Career

0:15 Dedication

“It’s the hardest job you’ll ever love.”

0:20 Writing

0:25 Growing Up: Mom’s Childhood

0:32 Scenes from Childhood

Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody (1947–1960)

0:38 The First Color Television

Q. Did you grow up?

0:42 Maintaining Joy and Wonder

0:47 Laurie Meets Dan

0:59 Vietnam War and the Draft: a Precipitating Event, Laurie and Dan Get Married — 1968

1:04 Decompression: Laughter Needed

1:06 Square Dancing Boyfriends, Not Marrying Again

1:11 Mom Loves Sorting

1:18 Living Alone at an Older Age

1:25 Silence After the Divorce

1:33 Individual Strength and Self-Empowerment

1:36 Helen and Earl: Resolving Conflict Through a Kiss and a Hug


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