Episode 29: With Author Martha Grover (On Personal Writing, Schooling at Home and in Institutions, Sustaining Creativity, and Family Dynamics)

Martha is indeed, very funny. Is hell funny? Who the hell knows?

0:07 Martha Reads Her Story “The Math Class”

0:18 Martha’s Family History

0:25 Talking About TV

0:31 Medication Helps

0:33 Family Dynamics: Roles

0:36 Writing Is…

“Writing comes naturally to me. It is a vessel that can hold so much. If you look at all the other arts, writing is so cheap, low-tech, and yet it can hold so much.”

Artistic Process: creating a practice around writing

0:42 Treating Certain Writers as Geniuses

0:47 The Attention Economy

0:52 Online Activism, In-Person Political Discussion and Protest

0:56 Health

0:59 Home-Schooling and Fundamentalism: Growing up in a Different Culture

“Why do you care what anybody thinks? They’re all going to hell.”

1:03 Fundamentalist Religious Family

1:09 Working Various Jobs

1:15 Family, Marriage and Childhood — Martha Suggests Jonah Writes a Children’s Book

1:19 Marriage, Compromise and Partner’s Families

1:27 Is Writing a way to Help Process Life?

1:32 Writing Fiction

1:40 Martha Recommends: The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

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